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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm don lemon. topping the news tonight. egyptians again filling the streets in cairo in large numbers. -- captions by vitac --
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you can see you can see overhead. on the ground, open defiance as demonstrators refused to leave the streets and public squares. a report from the scene is just ahead. also in the thick of it today -- the man in the glasses who some believe will become egypt's next president, mohamed elbaradei made his way through the crowd. his message to them and the world, president mubarak must leave today. the egyptian president shows no indication he will heed that advice. he headed to the security center to get an update. barbara starr reports defense secretary robert gates talked by phone with military leaders in both egypt and israel about the chaotic situation. and in the u.s., a delicate balancing act, walking a fine
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diplomatic line of backing the mubarak regime and major recipient of u.s. aid and supporting the demonstrators' demands for freedom and democrac democracy. >> we want to see this peaceful uprising on the part of the egyptian people to demand their rights, to be responded to in a very clear unambiguous way by the government. >> and in just a few minutes you will hear more of what secretary hillary clinton had to say today as the u.s. tries desperately to keep egypt from collapsing into anarchy. let's go right now to cnn's ivan watson. he was a among the crowds of protestifiers in cairo with the sound of jet fighters overhead.
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>> reporter: this is an unmistakable scene. there's been defiance for days now against the mubarak presidency and the people here are still chanting curfew is supposed to have begun minutes ago but they're refusing to disperse. i've been talking to this professor. what do you think when you see the fighter jets overhead? >> we're not going to be intimidate by all of this. this is a sign of weakness, not a sign of strength. wow you'd drop down which has been halted. >> reporter: you think the fighter jets are a warning? >> no, no, not at all. you can see the people are gathering more and more. it makes them stronger and stronger. these people are strong because they are strong from the heart. they're strong by holding onto
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each other, helping each other out. that's the spirit of the egyptian. we're all together -- >> he just scared us so people -- >> reporter: so you hear it there. defiance ongoing from the people here, demonstrators who are gathered here despite a curfew that the outgoing defense minister called for on state television saying please adhere to a curfew that is supposed to have started moments ago and will continue until 8:00 in the morning. i'm ivan watson, cnn. >> it is early monday morning in egypt and senior international correspondent nic robertson has been monitoring this. what's the security situation? are police supposed to be back on the streets tomorrow? >> reporter: they are.
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it's hard to imagine how they would come back to this city. many of the police stations have been destroyed. even where the traffic police have been set up have been burned out. people picked on the police because they don't trust them. the traffic cops were always intimidating drivers and extorting money from them. it's hard to see when the police were driven off the streets 72 hours ago that they could really come back here. the situation now is really vigilante neighborhood watch groups and all the different back ali alleys. they're incredibly angry with the police. if the police were walking down the street right now, he would literally be taking his life in his hands. it's hard to imagine that police can be back on the scenes tonight. what we have seen tonight that
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we haven't seen recently is the army drived around in their armored personnel carrier as few times, chasing down either vigilantes that we've seen chasing cars or chasing the cars down. it's impossible to tell exactly what they're doing. it's a very unis tense relationship between the vigilante groups and the army. ostensibly they seem to be quite friendly, but no one knows. they're not sure which way they're going to go, support the people or support the prd. so it's a very, very uneasy tense situation here tonight, don. >> nic robertson with cnn. nik, thanks very much. egypt is sending a tough message on how to treat the residents. what's the next move? and a bank robbery turned hostage drama is played out on camera. the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet,
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everybody will be here. we have also good choice. the first choice mubarak can make and the second choice. we have no choice. >> the united states gives billions of dollars every year to the egyptian government, a government that is now seen as being on the wrong side of a political uprising. secretary of state hillary clinton appeared on cnn's "state of the union" with candy crowley. i'm joined by elise labott. she's walking a fine line here with her comments, isn't she? >> she really is. she doesn't want to do anything to suggest regime challenge because they're very uncertain about what that might bring.
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let's here what she told candy crowley on cnn. she signaled that the end for mubarak could be near. >> we have a calendar that already has elections for the next president scheduled, so there is an action-enforcing event on the calendar. can there be efforts need really respond to the political desires of the people so that such an election is free and fair and credible. there are many steps that can be taken by reaching out to those who have advocated a peaceful orderly transition to greater democracy where the egyptian people themselves get to express their views. >> and, don, what does that mean? the u.s. wants to see president mubarak lift that emergency law which allows him and security forces to arrest anybody at any
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time for any reason. also want him to start some job creation programs and also just start up this national dialogue with the people as they move toward the election in september. not saying he should go tonight, but signaling that it's the end of the line for him. >> and, elise, being the state department producer, you would know the answer to this question. the state department has been busy helping americans inside egypt. >> that's right. >> can you give us the latest on that? >> not only are they kind helping their families, they're going to help americans. they're going to get their flights together tomorrow. we'll get the information on our website so the viewers can look at that and tell their families in egypt they want to get out. any american that needs to get out should contact the embassy, and they're going to help them. >> that's the information on your screen. we'll put it up. that's the information again. contact the state department. it's egy
6:12 pm it's 1-202-501-4444. we'll put it up on our website. clearing the air. that's how u.s. sake of state hill reason clinton put it on the line. how not to alienate an ally. william cohen joins us again from washington from our washington bureau. first mr. secretary i want to ask you the question we asked yesterday. in the 24 hours that have pass vd you made any new conclusions about the situation in egypt? >> no, i haven't. and i think we have to be careful. you indicated earlier secretary gates has been in touch with his counterpart that. will be important to certainly repeat to the administration, coordinating that with secretary of state clinton, talking to our
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intelligence personnel, to see what kind of intelligence they're gathering, what are president mubarak's intentions. all of this has to factor into what president obama will say in the future or what secretary clinton is saying now. we ought to take care here, calibrate our message as she is calibrating hers so make sure that we walk that line. i think things are starting to unfold. there's going to be economic consequences coming a as a result of this turmoil. the longer it goes on, more people are going to wants to leave. we'll have businesses who will make different calculations whether or not they should continue to invest in egypt or whether they should pull their personnel out. all of this will continue to unfold day by day. so some of this will resolve itself hopefully peacefully, but we ought not to make judgments from this seat here or from atlanta without knowing what the full intelligence is. >> okay. and as we mentioned, this uprising has put the united states in a really difficult spot. secretary, officially it looks
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like we're avoiding taking sides. that was pretty clear from candy crowley's interview with the secretary of state this morning. i want you to listen to this and then we'll talk about it. >> you're seeing signs that say, u.s., stop backing mubarak. what side is the u.s. on? mubarak or the people in the streets? >> well, there's another choice. the egyptian people. we are on the side, as we have been for more than 30 years, of a democratic egypt that provides both political and economic rights to its people that respects the universal human rights of all egyptians. >> okay. i know you don't speak for her, but you have held that position. what do you make of her response? >> i think she's exactly right, that we support democratic ideals. there are times when we have to also take into account our strategic interests, and i think that is implied in what secretary clinton is saying. we have a strategic interest in
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that region as do many other countries. if there is instakt, that could certainly jeopardize egypt and affect many countries in the region and worldwide that if oil were to spike in price and stay there for any period of time, that would have a major impact globally. there are interests as well as are ideals involved. >> can i ask you? can i jump in and ask you? you stalk about the prices of oil globally. i mean what is more important? is it the democracy and freedom for the people of egypt or how much money we pay to drive around in our suvs? >> if you have a collapse of the world economy, would you say we were making right choice if we should take steps which help precipitate that? i think we have to be very careful in what we do. it's not a question of our suvs. the question is oil does fuel the global economy and we have to be concerned about what the
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global economy will do in reaction to what takes place there. we want to promote an orderly transitionful we want to see free elections. there are steps as secretary clinton said can be taken. we can have international monitors. we can have a slate of candidates run. we can do all of those things but the most important thing is to try to have some calm and then have a process which is put in place that allow this free exhibit of democratic ideals. >> okay, i got you, i got you. let's move on to the man who's the opposition leader. he spoke with our cnn's fareed today. take a listen. >> i think this is a hopeless desperate attempt by mubarak to stay in power. i think it is loud and clear from everybody in egypt that mubarak has to leave today and
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it's unnegotiable. people have been saying for him to leave today. he should be compliant. if he wants to save his skin, if he has an iota of pate tro tichl, i would advise he leave today and leave the country. >> he said that and he also said, mr. president, the u.s. is losing credibility because it has yet to take a hard line on the situation there. what do you think of his comments? >> also, he's interested in becoming president of egypt and he may very well do that in the future. whether or not president mubarak steps down today remains to be seen whether a power volume is created or whether he or someone else tries to move in and fill it or whether the military would take charge. that would be considered a military dictate. he may very well be a viable candidate. there may be others who will challenge him for that leadership position. but the most important thing is
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to make sure that it doesn't simply evolve into a state of chaos and then someone try to assume the position in a chaotic situation. i think we're seeing it unfold. there are measures being taken, discussions being held. i think that it's very important that all of that information with fully integrated in our administration so we can make an appropriate decision. >> william cohen, thank you so much. we appreciate it. detroit police release surveillance video to the police shooting that we broke on this show last week. if you were watching, it was our breaking news. and a dramatic bank robbery unfolds on camera. ??????????????
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junk pro young professionals got together in the west. they shape what they want their community to be and look like. we traveled to santa fe, new mexico, to see how it's working this week's "building up america" report. >> reporter: it draws thousands of older tourists in all that history. it's good for some businesses but not so much for some young professionals. >> you know, i've been here about seven years and every summer see around a dozen friends move on for jobs and more opportunity more often to exciting places like new york or portland, oregon, or places like that. >> reporter: that's where mix comes in. these are the founding members and this is mix. part social reform club, part business network part town hall meeting.
6:21 pm
mix is a once-a-month party in which young people are urged to meet, have fun, and share ideas about what they want their community to be. >> and the idea is if you do get people involved in that, they feel more invested in the community and they do wasn't to stay and invest their time here snow to make that happen, mix which has the backing of the city and the chamber of commerce poses a question that visitors answer on video. the best answer get as prize. kiran clark popped up one night. >> there were $200, i would start a t-shirt company for youth. >> he got the money, his group, youth works, used it to make t-shirts to sell at the next mix event to raise more money to provide more training. everyone wins. >> all it takes is a little nudge to get people together and realize that their work can transform.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: or keep notoriously restless young workers happy and here. tom foreman, cnn, santa fe.
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that is harrowing surveillance video inside a police precinct. a gunmap walks in, opens fire, wounding four officers. this is a week ago, an attack that came out of nowhere. police returns fire and kill the gunman. his name is lamar moor. as we dig deeper, it gets
6:24 pm
stranger. susan candiotti has been gathering the details. susan, what did you learn about lamar moore? >> a lot more than we knew certainly. lamar moore raped someone. more than a week before his rampage investigators say he kidnapped a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint and sexually assaulted her. there's even more. he kept the girl tied up in his basement at times and handcuffed her to a toilet. she managed to escape in her underwear, still wearing those handcuffs only hours before moore launched his tirade on police. let's take a look right now at the shooting video captured on security cameras last sunday. now, as the action unfolds he's now starting to shoot fire as he walked past vend machines. he doubles back, starts firing at police, all of this from the first shot to the last shot takes only 39 seconds. watch this from the left-hand
6:25 pm
side of your screen. you're going to see him eventually jump ore that police desk. here he comes. you see him jump over from the other side. he stands up, looks to the righter. and you see him shoesing. they're diving underneath the desk, the table. it's amazing the officers weren't shot dead. then you see this one who's on the ground. he gets up and exchanges fire with him face to face before the gunman is finally wounded. all four wounded officering survived and as the chief said remarkably everyone remained calm. as i said earlier, the girl who was attacked by moore escaped hours before the shooting occurred. by the time of the attack they had his home surrounded waiting for a search warrant to go inside. they had no idea that he was coming after this. in the end there's no clear-cut motive why he did what he did. we may never know. the chief said, his motive was
6:26 pm
evil. >> there's another twist to all of this. many of our viewers may be aware after this attack that moore's house burned down. do you know anything about that? burned down right after the attack? >> can you imagine? it happened two days after the attack in the middle of the night. someone burned down his house. there's currently an arson investigation going on. whodunit. it's yet another twist to the case, don. >> susan candiotti. thanks very much. now for some of the stories that caught our eye happening across the country right now. the fbi has joined the investigation of a dramatic bank robbery in maryland. it happened friday at a capital w one bank. he slipped on the ice when a dye pack exploded. when the teller tried to escape, sis police officers opened fire killing the robber.
6:27 pm
he had been put on leave. it was all caught on camera by a tv news helicopter. police say a 3-year-old oregon boy's 911 call helped save his dad. aaron hayes was working in the kitchen when he impailed himself. it severed a main artery in his arm. he was bleeding profusely. little a.j. called 911. >> hello 911. >> daddy's hurt. >> help. >> sir, do you need an balance? >> he's really hurt. you have to come. he really needs help. >> paramedics rushed to the house and took hayes to the hospital. he's back home now and he's going to be okay. police in california are expanding their search for a missing 4-year-old bow and the man suspected of kidnapping him.
6:28 pm
on friday police pulled esteban rodriguez's toyota corolla from the waters of a canal. there were no bodies inside or in the water nearby. police say rodriguez snatchedlile juliani cardenas from his grandmother's arm 13/days ago and fled. coming up, the latest on the events in egypt. ahead krks you get around the government shutting the internet dow? can what happened in egypt happen in the u.s.?
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fired at us and shoot tear gas at us. more than 15 people lost their sight and vision. one was shot at right here. >> protests escalating across europe on day six of a national uprising. overhead, egyptian f-16s street low over the high-rises of cairo, a visual warning of the approaching curfew on the ground. open defiance as demonstrators refuse to leave the streets and public squares am report from the scene is just ahead. also in the thick of it today -- the man you see right there in the glasses who some believe will become egypt's next president, mohammed elbaradei,
6:32 pm
diplomat and former head of atomic agent say made his way through the crowd. his message today, president mubarak must leave today. egyptian president shows no indication that he will heed that advice. we have an update on the security situation. barbara starr reports defense secretary robert gates talks by phone with military leaders of both egypt and israel about the situation. the u.s. is walking a fine line of backing the mow bark regime and supporting the protesters' demands for freedom and democracy. secretary of state hillary clinton called on them to show restraint. arwa damon is standing by. arwa, it is after 1:00 a.m. what's happening there now.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: well, don, as we're standing here, very close to ta rir square, we were hearing gunfire, an indication of how tense the situation remains here. a lot of people that we have been talking to still reiterating that point that they want to see president mubarak step down. there has also been a fair level of frustration directed at the international community and at the united states because of their failure to openly back the demonstrators' demands. they're also frustrated at the fact that they believe that many internationals and the united states believe that in egypt, they i very have to be a mao ba da stile military dictatorship and if that is not going to
6:34 pm
happen, it has to be an islamic regime. that is not the case at all. this is a popular movement that is demanding true reforms that are going to bring about economic and social change. now, earlier, cnn spoke to mohamed elbaradei about this very point and this is what he had to say. >> this is a myth sold by the mubarak regime. you know, the muslim brotherhood has nothing to do with it. it has nothing to do with extremism as we have seen it in afghanistan and other places. we need to include them. they are part of the society as much as the marxist party here. i think the myth sold by the regime has no iota of reality here. >> reporter: the demonstrators here really want to see the
6:35 pm
international community backing their dmeends that president mubarak step down. they're emphasizing the point that the way he right now is trying to reshuffle the leadership, bringing in other well known military commanders is not what they're looking for. they're saying this is the time to end military rule. it is the time to bring about true democracy and that this is the people of egypt speaking, trying to take control of their own country, of their own lives and bring about a long awaited better life, don. >> arwa, damon. thank you, arwa. coming up on cnn, we'll go to cairo live for the latest on the uprising in egypt.
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all right. our viral video segment has a theme this hour. things that get trapped. that's a theme. a gimmick you usually only see in the cartoons. >> daddy. >> ooh, piece of candy. ooh, piece of candy. ooh, piece of candy. >> you've seen this a thousand times on road runner. ryan clark in alberta, canada, desided to try it on his 20-month-old niece. it worked perfectly. no one was hurt. next up, the frigid cold in new york. >> this is a car in front of my building that somehow froze. >> it's not exactly clear how
6:39 pm
this happens. the ice is several inches thick, several inches thick. no chance it's going to move until there's a thaw. this sort of thing often happens when a water main breaks. but no other car was affected. this must have been a prank. someone must have poured buckets and buckets of water over a car as a mean old trick. oh, well. no one at a recent phoenix suns game was expecting this one. all right. that's what you call too much air. too much air. he got so far above the rim he came down head first right through the hoop. his mother says she doesn't think his son planned to dunk
6:40 pm
himself. he was not hurt. it may have hurt his pride. i think it's cool. he's a video star, viral video star. a major winner to storm is headed toward the nation's midsection and we're talking a blizzard sadly. it's packing a punch that could cripple many mid western cities. jacqui is here to tell us all about it. not again. >> this is a u didn't kind of storm. we're not talking a nor'easter but an impact across the nation's midsection but this is going to impact millions of you and have a huge effect on you. we'll be watches kansas city, st. louis, milwaukee, indianapolis, cleveland and we'll probably see them move up into the northeast for later in the week. so the higher the storm, we think, is things are going to get started and monday night continue through tuesday and go into wednesday as well. so this thing is, you know, not really started just yet.
6:41 pm
they're can seceling flights an telling you you can have travel waivers. united airlines all flights through february 3rd, you can change your flights i would definitely recommend it. you don't want to get stuck. a storm way out west, it's across california bringing rain showers as well as snow in the higher elevations. this thek is going to be diving down toward the south and heading into the northeast. the heaviest accumulating snow, we do think it's going to be in the meddle mississippi valley, the ohio river valley. we're talking 10 to 20 inches of snow. we're expecting to the south, freezing rain that could accumulate enough to cause power outages maybe for days for a few of these people. timing and a little bit of uncertainty still ahead with the storm. stay tuned as thinged caught change. it may be the worst storm in a decade. >> possibility of 10 to 20 inches. >> yeah. >> thank you, jacqui. >> sure. the government shut down the
6:42 pm
internet in egypt during the uprising. could that happen in the u.s.? think about it. that conversation next. 20 minutes later, she'll bring one into the world in seattle. later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places? through the nurses she taught in this place. johnson & johnson knows, behind every nurse who touches a life... there's a nurse educator... who first touched them. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference what up, dave! i just point, shoot and post to facebook. so instead of fumbling to open my camera app like dave here, i can put my phone away, and open my parachute. open yours, dave! (pause) hey is it cool if i date emily when you're... ah, nevermind! vo: now for a limited time, get a samsung focus for $99.99, at at&t.
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our situation. >> there's word in egypt that internet and mobile phones are working again, but many people still are having trouble connecting. observers say when those lines were cut off it only fueled the dissension. they were still communicating but not by the usual text and tweet. how do you make contact when the internet goes dark? pay attention. logic tells me, gregory, you have to resort to old-fashioned ways. >> old-fashioned. we laugh at it. we go back to dial-up. who still uses dial-up. i see it on commercials. dial-up is the way to go. right now they're in the country where they shut off the internet and cell phones. how do you get back on the internet to communicate. what they can do is use dial-up and they can set up an internet connection outside of their
6:46 pm
country. >> so you dial a phone. >> a phone number. >> and that connects you to another country that's working. >> correct. and then you just get connected. >> it's slow it's slow. >> it's very slow. >> but it does what you need to work. >> the same thing happened with the blackout in the fall of 2003. cell phones were tough to work and if you had a cordless phone it didn't work but the old analogue phone with the cord, the best thing you could get. >> don't get rid of your landline. >> i don't even know my home phone number. i have it for security -- for the alarm -- >> that's it. >> so besides dial-up, there's another way. it's a little bit more expensive. >> correct. what they can do is use satellite. they can set up an internet cafe using satellite dishes and they can set up numerous computers but they may be charged $5 a minute. >> that's very expensive. >> yes. >> satellite phones.
6:47 pm
contact for everything. very big during hurricane katrina. >> they work. you can get phone and internet all in one. remember, very important. when they take out your internet, your internet is gone also on your phone also as well. so a lot of people think i can still do twitter or facebook on your cell. no, you cannot. >> gone. >> yes, that's correct. >> do you know how the protesters in egypt were able to communicate after the internet and their cell phone service went down? >> well, a lot of them were using landlines because it looks like a regular telephone call to the government. so they were using that to communicate outside of the country. >> okay. >> so that's it. and they may be making phone calls to get updates and have people outside of the country actually post. >> let me ask you this because we always say, could it happen here. could it happen in the united states? i think it probably could happen in the united states. >> oh, yeah. it could happen. and it will happen -- you know that emergency broadcasting system that everybody never pays attention to.
6:48 pm
>> when i'm watching my favorite tv program and it comes on? >> yes. that right there. if we were in a state of emergency, the government could then seize all communications and since internet is part of this communications, yes, they can take over your tv, your radio, and your internet. >> all right. so how do you get your voice back when you're losing it like you? >> yeah, my voice is going. forgive me. >> take care of that voice. drink tea, lemon, and honey and stop talking. miles to face the unknown... and those who stay behind to do the same. for every warrior who charges into the fight... is another who fights to keep moving forward until their return. military lives are different. at usaa we've been there. we understand. that's why our commitment to serve military, veterans and their families is without equal. usaa. for insurance, banking, investments, retirement and advice... we know what it means to serve. let us serve you.
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we've gotten into contact with an american student in cairo. her name is lauren and a full bright scholar from american university in cairo. thank you for joining us. tell us where you are right now and what you're doing and what you're seeing. >> sure. about 2:00 a.m. here in cairo. i am in tahrir square which is arabic for liberation square. right now it's 2:00 a.m. but many people are gathered around. they have camp fires going. they are talking, of course, about politics. talking about what's going to happen next.
6:52 pm
what did happen. people are making signs. people are singing the national anthem. by and large it's peaceful out here. people have a positive attitude. there's a lot of optimism in the air. and it's very, very interesting to see. >> we have been seeing from some of our correspondents there have been police actions on the streets. we've seen 16s in the air. it's 2:00 a.m. and they are defying the curfew. by your estimation, where you are, it's peaceful? >> it is completely peaceful. many people are walking around the square right now, feeling they are in the "twilight" zone. they have never walked so freely in the square. the discourse that's going on in the square hasn't happened in 30 years. they are finally able, they say, to talk freely in open air in tahrir square about politics, about how they feel.
6:53 pm
>> how long have you been there? since august? >> i've been here since august. >> is it a marked difference between now and then? >> you have no idea. i've only been here for four months so i can't claim to have a firm grasp on what's been going on in the past 30 years in egypt. but i haven't been confronted with people who have been struggling, saying how they can't stay afloat. today and this week have been some of the first times i've heard hope in their voices and i've seen such great action and such loud chants and everybody is united. >> lauren, let me ask you this. how far seen the military on the street there? >> have i seen the military? course. they are every where. >> how are they dealing with the people? we're getting reports that the
6:54 pm
military is backing off and is not being confrontational with the people and just going along with what they are doing. >> right. as i said, people right now are walking peacefully, quietly around the square. you hear chants from a all corners. the army is letting people roam freely. >> do you feel safe, lauren? >> do i feel safe? of course i'm here as a journalist so i have, you know, my eyes and, you know, ears on the ground trying to really pick up the pulse here. >> towards americans what's the centsment? how are they treating americans there? >> sure. i say i'm from america and they instantly engage me in conversation. listen, by and large most of them love america and what we stand for. but they have their crumb. they want to know why our
6:55 pm
foreign policy is what they think is favoring mubarak. why obama hasn't come out strongly. there are some crumbs. by and large they say we love the american people but the government, we have some issue there's. >> okay. listen, lauren, the muslim brotherhood. have you seen anyone out on the street? >> sure. i'm sorry. i'm not letting you ask your question. >> go ahead. >> i just spoke with a member of the muslim brotherhood right now, actually. he's a dentist. he told me that, you know, the muslim brotherhood, he feels, they are not portrayed accurately in the media. they have no plans, he says, to take over the government. they just want to do what they have been doing for the past few decades and that's providing services on the ground to people, giving them access to health care and education, that they are not getting under the current regime, not getting under the current system.
6:56 pm
>> all right, lauren bohn is at american university in cairo. she's with the new york office there. she's a full bright scholar. so lauren, take care of yourself and thank you for -- >> tell my parents i'm okay. >> i'm sure. let's hope they are watching. >> thank you, don't. stay tuned. hope we'll tweet soon. good-bye. >> so, men locked away in prison despite evidence that could clear them, we'll take you inside the justice system for a cnn special report. that is next.
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missing something? now you get a cleanser with scope freshness. ♪ new fixodent plus scope ingredients. ♪ cleans...kills germs that cause denture odors... and provides your dentures with the freshness of scope. ♪ new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients. what happens when officersing charged with fighting crime don't play by the rules? this sunday in his documentary, rogue justice, griffin gaits a north carolina bureau of justus put an innocent man behind bars. >> for 17 years this man sat behind bars for a murder he
6:59 pm
didn't commit. for much of that time he slept here on bunk 23. >> in the beginning, there was almost a constant hope. then there was that periodic hope. then there was no hope. >> this was his world, this was where he ate. this his only recreation. >> i can remember the first birthday i missed of my daughter, it was her 10th birthday. and in that first christmas. i can remember thinking when she was 16, you know, that she's driving now. and i have to worry about her being on the roads and whatnot. she graduated high school. you just want


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